Our Staff

Fiorina Di Lauri

Fiorina also known as Mrs. Di Lauri is the director of our school. Fiorina has an extensive background in working with children. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Fiorina is currently a Child Psychotherapist, servicing children in a non¬profit organization. Fiorina's past experience includes working at an elementary school and at a mental health organization. Being a mom herself, she is a family ¬oriented individual who strives to connect with children, families, and staff.

Antoinette Villamagna

Antoinette Villamagna, known as Mrs. V., is the head teacher in the 4s Pre¬K class. She graduated from William Paterson University, with a BA in Psychology and a Certification in Education. She owned her own business in childcare and was a stay at home mom for 9 years, raising her two daughters. She was a substitute teacher for Hanover Township School District for two years, and has been working for the Co¬Op since 2011. Her classroom environment is warm and inviting with the main goal in preparation for the students for Kindergarten. She believes that by instilling positive self esteem and a stimulating environment, the kids can establish independence and the proper social skills to ensure success in Kindergarten. The classroom environment is both flexible and stimulating, allowing every child to learn with different learning styles. This class room accommodates to all individuals and develops inspiring hands on lessons that capture children's imaginations and breed success.

Francine Lupo

Francine Lupo, known as Mrs. Lupo, is the assistant teacher in the 4's class. She's been with the co¬op for eight years and has assisted with the young 3's, 3's, 4's and summer camp. She is trained in early childhood development and is CPR and first aid certified.

Dariene Inacio

Dariene Inacio, known as Mrs. I., is the teacher of the 3 year old program. Her classroom is a fun, exciting and wonderful place where the kids continue to learn the social and academic skills that were introduced to them in the young 3’s program. Her values are based on making every child feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. Socialization is particularly stressed by instilling the values of friendship, sharing and kindness. Mrs. I’s basic philosophy is for every child to enjoy coming to school and to adjust to a school setting and environment. She enjoys teaching the children through painting, coloring and multiple other hands on projects but her main focus is for the children to learn through play. The children all have daily routines of identifying their name tags, taking turns being a snack helper, engaging in an activity to help with fine motor skills sharing and communication, clean up time, outside time, free play, and show and tell.

Lauren Guaimano

Lauren Guaimano, also known as Mrs. G., is pleased to be joining our co­op staff for the upcoming school year as the 3’s assistant. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Montclair State University in the field of Psychology. She has been very busy as a stay­at­home mom for the last seven years, which she considers an exceptionally rewarding time. Her daughter is enrolled in her second year at the East Hanover Co­Op Nursery. During that time, Lauren had often taken the opportunity to volunteer in our school, whenever an aide was needed in Mrs. Inacio's class. It was through this experience that Lauren discovered the love of working with preschoolers in a classroom setting. "Mrs. G," as the children will come to know her, is greatly excited for the year ahead and considers it a privilege to be working with the PreK 3 students.

Jennifer Cipriano

Jennifer Cipriano, also known as Mrs. Cipriano, is the young 3's teacher. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching from Montclair State University, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Seton Hall University. She joined the Co­Op in May 2013 as an assistant teacher in the Young Three's classroom, and became the teacher for the Young Three's in Fall 2015. She previously taught third grade, has many years of volunteer experience with children with disabilities and has been a co­leader of a Girl Scout troop for the past 9 years. Mrs. Cipriano's strong belief in children learning through play is evident in the young three's class. They are given the opportunity to play, sing, and develop both fine and gross motor skills through multi­sensory activities. Children experience their first school setting in a safe and playful environment, one in which they learn to verbalize their needs, share and take turns with others, and follow the direction of adults outside of the home. Children in this class benefit from whole group instruction, free play, and one­on­one time with the teacher each day. While being exposed to basic shapes, colors, numbers, and holidays, the primary goal of this class is for the child to transition into the school setting.

Angela Ciccolini

Angela Ciccolini, known as Mrs. C., is excited to join the Coop staff as the young 3’s assistant. She has an Associate Degree from Berkeley College of Business. She has been devoted to raising her two boys for the past seven years. She also incorporated her volunteer time as a Class Mom which she found rewarding and truly enjoyable. Mrs. C. is greatly looking forward to working with the young 3’s class this year.

Kathleen Webb

Kathy Webb, also known as Mrs. W., by the students, worked as a nurse for 38 years at the Hospital Center of Orange. After retiring she took care of her young grandchildren. Her youngest granddaughter attended the EH Co­Op and that's when Kathy fell in love with the school.  She has worked with the school for 4 years as a substitute teacher in all of the classes and will now be the permanent assistant in the young 3’s class. She is thrilled to join the Coop family!